Why Crescendo

Business Process Efficiency is a True Competitive Advantage in Any Economy

In today's economy, only companies with a sustainable competitive advantage will thrive. Business process efficiency is a competitive advantage that pays dividends in any climate. Because true process efficiency in every area of an enterprise is difficult to achieve, it is frequently glossed over. This may go unnoticed during booming economic times, where strong revenues allow companies to hire excessive staff to keep up with the paper shuffle brought on by increased sales. But when sales fall off, inefficient companies are forced to lay off highly trained and skilled personnel, thus losing their training investment and having to start over from scratch when (and if) things turn around. An efficient company avoids this painful cycle by maximizing the productive capacity of each of its employees. When sales are slow, a lean staffing level keeps the company out of the red. When sales improve, the company can absorb the increased activity without adding personnel. Crescendo can help your organization achieve maximum process efficiency for sustainable profitability in every economic climate.

Crescendo Uses Information Technology to Make Business Processes More Efficient

Every company in America uses computer technology, and nearly every employee has a PC on their desk. However, the mere presence of computers is neither a guarantee nor even necessarily an indication of workflow efficiency. Process efficiency is the product of informed database and workflow design, supported by software applications that let the computer do what it does best (collect, organize, and present information), and let the employees do what they do best (make and execute decisions based on accurate information). Process efficiency is as dependent upon communications between departments as it is upon communications within a given department. A unified database that is shared by the entire enterprise is the indispensable foundation of an effective information system. Information should ideally be collected only once, where it happens and when it happens, to ensure overall efficiency and accuracy within the organization. Crescendo are experts at understanding your business requirements and creating systems that fit your operations like a glove.

Crescendo is Your Long-Term Partner in a Changing Environment

Crescendo maintains close, ongoing working partnerships with each of its customer organizations. So whether you face day-to-day issues or major organizational upheaval, EP is a knowledgeable partner who can help you navigate the seas of unrelenting technological and business change in the coming years. On average, each of our customers has been with us for over twelve years. We communicate with most of our customers on a daily basis. We visit most of our customers' offices on a monthly or quarterly basis to ensure that their systems stay current. While rare in our industry, we believe that this type of close partnership is exactly what is needed to create and maintain an information system that gives our customers a sustainable edge over their competition.

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