EP Consultants Know Your Business Process Inside & Out.

There's Simply No Substitute for Being There.

The cornerstone of Efficiency Partners' success in providing ongoing support to its customers is routine on-site consulting.  Whether the visit occurs weekly, monthly or quarterly, a consistent consulting presence at your place of business establishes a continuity of effort that helps to keep your information system growing and progressing along with your enterprise.

On-site consulting is the key to proactive systems management

Information technology and business practices are constantly changing. As such, your information system can never be considered "complete". Regular on-site consulting can help you avoid the normal effects of system obsolescence. A steady, deliberate and guided investment in information technology will prevent you from having to scrap and replace your information system every few years at a tremendous cost. The regular presence of a consultant who understands your business and its systems, and is knowledgeable about how newer technology can be effectively applied, will help ensure that your business stays competitive in a world of ever-increasing technology and automation.


Why on-site consulting?

Someday never comes...

Often your creative ideas never materialize because you don't have enough time to make them happen.  A regular consulting visit provides an avenue for these ideas to actually come to fruition.

Out of sight, out of mind...

Without an ongoing presence at your place of business, consultants at Efficiency Partners may only think about your situation when a crisis occurs. A regular on-site visit ensures that IT-related issues that concern your business are continuously within our field of vision, enabling us to make important
recommendations before a crisis arises.

Peak productivity

Time at a client's site is highly productive, because the consultant can give full attention to customer projects, has full visibility of actual situations and procedures, and has full access to
your knowledgeable people for quick decisions and questions regarding a given project.

Not a meeting...

Site visits are not designed primarily to be sit-down meetings, but rather a time to actually implement the decisions made during brief strategy sessions.  As such, you do not need to plan for yourself or any of your employees to be tied up for the entire day while an EP consultant is on-site.  Once clarity is achieved regarding the specific projects to be performed, the on-site consultant can work independently to complete them.  As long as the consultant has access to the network, a telephone, and can occasionally interrupt certain people to pose questions, you and your company can go about business as usual.

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